Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Big Strong Legs

I was out with my cycling group last Thursday - a day of sunshine, showers and a keen wind. The ride started at Penmaenmawr, followed the cycle path into Conwy and then continued along the coastline to Llandudno. From there our aim was to circle the Great Orme – not before stopping for lunch at the café on the top called “Rest and Be Thankful”.
Although the climb up is only 679 feet and fairly gradual, the force of the headwind made it a challenge. Most of the group ride touring or hybrid bikes. I ride my Pennine road racing bike. It is lighter than a touring bike, with skinny tyres but only twelve gears. On this, as on other climbs, someone or other in the group will attribute my getting to the top with apparent ease to this lightness and skinniness. Whenever Doreen, the group leader and lifelong cyclist, overhears them, she always shouts out, “It’s the big strong legs!”
This never ceases to amuse and please me. When Doreen goes flying past me on the descent I shout after her, “I wish I could descend as fast and as fearlessly as you!”
Today’s NaBloMoPo prompt was to “talk about the last compliment you received”. “Receive” – take delivery of, obtain, accept.The way we give and receive compliments can be very revealing. It took me a long time to be able to accept any compliment I was given. To truly receive it I have to trust the sincerity and judgement of the person giving the compliment . And if anyone knows about big strong legs, Doreen does.
 descending the Great Orme


  1. Although giving and receiving appear asymmetric, from the emotional or spiritual point of view, they are the same.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I completely agree. I think it's about interconnectedness.
    best wishes