Poetry Therapy

“By writing I rescue myself”
William Carlos Williams

Poetry Therapy is the interactive use of literature - including poetry, prose, non-fiction, as well as visual art, film, and photography - to stimulate writing or other creative responses with a view to promoting self expression, self-awareness and well being.

I believe that poetry therapy works by providing us with opportunities to access and also process issues and areas of challenge in our lives in a supportive and creative environment. It is a place where individuals are listened to and heard and so it allows us to speak our truth without fear of judgement or reproach. Poetry is a powerful tool for cracking open the silences that often shroud the uncertainty, fear and doubts that are sometimes part of our lives. Through reading and discussing other people’s responses to life we can be brought to a clearer understanding of our own position and, through a creative response, begin the process of our own resolution.

The Six Steps of Poetry Therapy

  • Reading a poem and identifying with its issues, themes, sentiment

  • Exploring ones own feelings

  • Creating -  in response to the above through writing and/or other creative processes

  • Juxtaposing – considering the responses and views of others and perhaps rethinking ones own

  • Reframing – in the light of new ideas, thoughts, insights, realisations

  • Acting – putting positive change into action.

As a credentialed Poetry Therapist I am able to integrate poetry therapy into my creative writing courses. Bespoke courses, including online courses, can be designed to suit the needs of individuals and groups. Individual consultation is an integral part of every course.