Poetry Therapy Mentor and Practitioner Training

Training to become a Poetry Therapy Practitioner with Out of the Blue Writing

"Vessel" original collagraph by Linda Davies


A Poetry Therapy Practitioner (PTP)  is trained in using biblio/poetry therapy techniques through an individualized programme that meets the standards of the International Academy for Poetry Therapy. For full details of the Training Requirements please go to www.iaPOETRY.org

As a mentor affiliated to the International Academy for Poetry Therapy, I am currently training students in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. I have a broad range of experience of working with individuals from various backgrounds and interests. As part of the training programme I offer, I encourage the incorporation of personal practices and areas of expertise, such as Art, Dance, 3D work, Ecotherapy, Mindfulness, Music, Photography, etc into the training.

Training to become a Poetry Therapy Mentor with Out of the Blue Writing

As a Master Mentor for the International Academy for Poetry Therapy, I am qualified to offer training to Poetry Therapy Practitioners who wish to become Poetry Therapy Practitioner Mentors.

To find out more about my training programmes please contact me at jillteague@yahoo.co.uk